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The mighty Mekong River Cruise stretches to 3,000 miles as it courses from the Tibetan Plateau and pierces through Asia, creating a life line for more than a million people. The Mekong Tours gives you the rare opportunity to visit various countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, China, and Laos, immersing you in a cultural experience that is life changing. The cruise through Vietnam via the Mekong Delta covers 15,000 sq. miles providing guests with breathtaking views of fish farms, orchards, rice paddies, and other scenic landscapes. Your next stop Cambodia is another unique experience to cherish. See the Frn-inspired architecture of Phnom Penh, see the Silver Pagoda, and uncover the truth about the Khmer regime that killed millions of people. To the north of Phnom Penh, enjoy a relaxing cruise through Tonle River via the Mekong Delta and connect to the ‘Great Lake’ of Tonle Sap. Enjoy the landscape, woodlands, and village life as Mekong Delta Tours opens your eyes to the charm and secrets that Asia has to offer.

Treasures of the Mekong Cruise

Treasures of the Mekong Cruise

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Vietnam and Cambodia are two of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing countries. Both are fed by the life giving waters of...